Sussex Otters and Rivers Project

SORP promotes the sustainable management of Sussex river catchments and their landscapes, and the restoration of wetland habitats for the benefit of both people and wildlife. SORP draws together a range of Sussex partners in order to implement Sussex Wetland Biodiversity Action Plans (BAP), Water Framework Directive (WFD) targets, and other targets for sustainable water and wetland management.  

The aims of the Sussex Otters and Rivers Partnership are:

    1. To help maintain and enhance a landscape that improves the wildlife value of wetlands
    2. To encourage more sustainable wetland ecosystems, working with natural processes
    3. To promote a wider understanding of, and involvement with riparian habitats, species and ecosystem services
    4. To provide sound information on the changing wetland landscapes of Sussex.5. To support the delivery of wetland conservation and re-creation targets by others

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Water Voles are widespread in the RX area
Water Voles are widespread in the RX area