Romney Marshes Living Landscape




The Vision is to realise a living landscape from Hastings to Hythe, which is of distinctive character, rich in wildlife and history, and enjoyed as a place to live, work and spend leisure time.

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RX area from Hastings to Hythe

From Hastings to Hythe

The coast, marshes and river valleys between Hastings and Hythe, with their associated habitats and wild species, form an exceptionally rich and distinctive landscape which receives large numbers of visitors every year. This is a landscape rich in history and heritage, the product of complex and dynamic relationship between people and natural forces stretching back over more than four thousand years. Yet it is also one of the most extensive areas of tranquillity in the South East, within easy reach of important centres of population, and increasingly popular as a destination for holidays and day-trips.

From Rye Harbour to Dungeness

From Rye Harbour to Dungeness

The unique landscape between Hastings and Hythe – including the Romney Marshes, with its linked marshland landscape along the Rother and its tributaries – is identified in the South East Plan and the 50 Year Vision for Wetlands as one of the areas of greatest regional-scale potential for enhancement, restoration and re-creation of wetland habitats, where opportunities for biodiversity improvement, including large-scale habitat restoration, enhancement and re-creation should be pursued.

The aim of the Romney Marshes Living Landscape Partnership is to realise that potential, and, in doing so, not only to deliver major benefits to wildlife, but to maintain and enhance sustainable tourism, support the farming economy, and involve and engage local communities. Our vision is of a sustainable future for wildlife and people, continuing the already ancient partnership between human activity and natural processes.