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5th September 2008, Friday

Marsh Mallow Moth update

An account of recent conservation effort has been published:

Parsons, M.S. & Clancy, S.P. 2008. Conservation of the Marsh Mallow Moth Hydraecia osseola hucherardi Mabille (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on Romney Marsh. British Journal of Entomology and Natural History, 21: 61-74.


A brief history of the Marsh Mallow Moth Hydraecia osseola hucherardi Mabille in Britain is presented, along with notes on its distribution in Europe. Recent survey and monitoring effort of the populations on Romney Marsh, Kent/East Sussex, are detailed with the historic and recent threats discussed. Conservation efforts, with examples of management issues, are given and the suggested minimum ecological requirements for the moth are identified. Suggested criteria for confirming the presence of a resident population at individual sites are also given.

5th September 2008, Friday

Planting Marsh Mallow

On 19th August, 120 Marsh Mallow pot grown plants were planted out at Castle Water to bulk up the previous plantings there. This was done on a regular Rye Harbour Nature Reserve volunteer workparty (click here for more info). The weather has since been wet, so we are expecting good survival and hope that this colony will be large enough to support a population of the Marsh Mallow Moth.

Thanks to Ron Nash and  Dorothy Norman for providing these and previous plants.